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DMC freebies

Thought I'd share with you these cute free charts from DMC!!
Click on Stocking Full of Gifts and on Christmas Wreath to download your charts! Petites grilles gratuites de chez DMC! Utilisez les liens pour accéder aux grilles!! | Happy Stitching! |


As I finished my sweet gingerbread man #2 earlier than I thought last week, I decided to work on 2 more biscornus - Christmas presents-

Ayant terminé mon petit bonhomme de pain d'épices N° 2 pour le SAL Sweet Treats, j'ai décidé de faire 2 petits biscornus. Ils seront superbes pour des petits cadeaux de Noël!
I also bought a small kit from Janlynn These are 2 sweet vintage postcards They should be fun to stitch!
J'ai aussi craqué et j'ai acheté ce kit de chez Janlynn Ce sont 2 petites cartes postales rétro! J'ai hâte de les commencer...

| Happy Stitching ! |

SAL with Mii ♥

Come and SAL with Mii !! Passion des Roses from Madame la Fée Starting today & conveniently ending on my birthday (1 Jun 2013) The roses should be in full bloom by then... Who is joining Mii? Leave your name on this post and I will create a special blog just for this SAL Don't have your kit yet?? Don't worry, me neither :D It's on my Christmas list though! I will update you all if I've been a good girl this year and Santa kindly left it by the tree for Mii Should you decide to join Mii, feel free to use this pic for your blog
Joignez Mii pour ce SAL
Le motif est Passion des Roses de chez Madame La Fée
A terminer le jour de mon anniversaire, le 1er Juin 2013

Qui me joins??
Laissez votre nom & il sera ajouté sur le blog

Je n'ai pas encore mon kit,
Je l'ai commandé pour Noël!

N'hésitez pas à utiliser la photo ci-dessus pour votre blog!!
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Xmas Giveaway Deux!!

Oh la la, another giveaway!! This lovely magazine could be yours AGAIN! The previous copy was won by Cucki and after loooong delay with the post office I have been informed she has finally received her issue!!! This one is the spare one we bought (thinking we would have to send it to Cucki as replacement) but as it has safely been delivered, I've decided to give it away   As before, it comes with all its goodies: Fabric, threads, cards, ribbons, buttons, etc...
For a chance to win:
1/ Have an active blog 2/ Be a follower of this blog 3/ Leave a comment on this post confirming you want to be entered for the draw I don't have any objection if you decide to link this to your blog, after all the more the merrier and it's always nice to make new friends You have until the 3rd November to leave your comment The winner will be announced on the 4th November Good luck to you all ☺

Une nouvelle chance de gagner cette revue!
Laissez votre commentaire, devenez fan &
vous serez …

SAL Sweet Treats | N° 2

On this week's rotation, I planned on working on SAL Sweet Treats I must have been quite fast because I have already finished my little gingerbread man N° 2!! I still couldn't stuff him (like the finished pictures in the magasine) so I decided to finish him like the previous one I've used green felt for the back, my new ribbon, clear beads and check out his cute Christmassy socks buttons ☺ The last one will have candy cane...

As I still have a few days before the next rotation, I guess I will have to make my mind up: A biscornu or a Christmas card???
Et voici mon deuxième petit bonhomme de pain d'épices!
Qu'en pensez-vous?
N'est-il pas à croquer avec ses petits boutons chaussettes???
| Happy Stitching! |


Welcome to my newest followers :) I hope you enjoy reading my blog
Well this is what I've been working on for the past few days My first ever biscornu!!!

I simply love this odd shape So after browsing the web for a free pattern and guidelines I've decided to go for it What do you think?

I've used DMC colour threads 603 & 168, some clear little beads and pink buttons from my stash

It turned out smaller than I thought but now there's nothing to stop me making more

Ca y est! J'ai terminé mon tout premier biscornu!!
Qu'en pensez-vous?
J'adore cette petite forme toute bizarre
J'ai même ajouté des petites perles!
| Happy Stitching! |

WIP | Swiss Cottage Update

Time to show you my progress on Swiss Cottage. I must admit due to long hours at work, stuff to do around the house and gripping soaps storylines, I'm afraid I had time to do very little crosses...

Not much, is it??
Well let's just say I have also been working on something else! I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow & I'll then post a little something to show you all ☺
Today, we went out for a bit of shopping and bought a few Christmassy decorations for our
tree and home in Next Home. There are plenty of gorgeous handmade looking stuff... My hubby saw this cushion and thought I might like it!!!

Is he crazy? I just LOVE it!!! I'm soo grateful he noticed it on the shelf... It has now found its place at home on one of our sofas Absolutely fabulous ☺
| Happy Stitching! |

SAL suggestions

I am thinking of starting a new SAL - I know, any excuses to start a new project!! - I want to choose something that will appeal
to everyone and also be fun to stitch too! The deadline could be mid 2013... We could choose a versatile design so we
could be adventurous with the finish too... (well some of us!) So I am opened to any design suggestions! - With the exception of a HEAD design - (I think they would be too long for a SAL) So if you think this is a great idea, please please please leave a comment with your design suggestions Time to put your thinking caps on

Idea Update:

Petits Bonheurs - Madame la Fée
| Happy Stitching! |

Tusal | October 2012

Tusal time!
This little jar is looking fuller...
All the work on the WIPs is paying off!
A bit of SAL Sweet Treats, Mimi the kitten,
Close to You, Simple Treasures and
new arrival (well return ☺) Swiss Cottage

| Happy Stitching| !

Swiss Cottage

Finally the weekend! I am quite looking forward to this one as it should be a quiet-ish one

A few years ago I started working on Swiss Cottage from The Craft Collection Ltd. - 14 count on white Aida fabric - This was meant to be a present for my mum.
With my son's arrival, I had no time for stitching & put if away... Now, my mum knows all about my blog and my latest stitching projects and she lovingly reminded me about this UFO!!! So, I've decided to include it into my WIP's rotation So I will be working on this cute little cottage this week This is how I left it many many moons ago... ☺ I guess, it's time for some little xx
| Happy Stitching! |

Il y a plusieurs années j'avais commencé ce petit chalet Suisse. Avec l'arrivée de mon garçon, je n'ai plus eu le temps de broder, donc le projet a été ignoré. Ce devait être un cadeau pour ma maman. La pauvre, elle est au courant de tous mes derniers projets et m'a  gentillement rappelé qu'elle attendait tou…

Simply Homemade | Seek It Out

Simply Homemade - Issue 22 Look out for these cute bags!! Get all your stash and instructions online at Seek It Out

Magasine Simply Homemade Parution 22 Petits sacs pour vos "outils"!!! Plus d'info sur Seek It Out

| Happy Stitching! |

Simple Treasures

I know I am supposed to work on my WIPs... Well, let's just say I have a new WIP!! Bette's Simple Treasures ☺ I have been busy stitching it this week and this is my progress so far

Voici un tout nouveau projet!
Le superbe kit cadeau de Bette - Simple Treasures
Je l'ai commencé cette semaine ☺

| Happy Stitching! |

Gorjuss ♥ Treat

I found these in Boots over the weekend They are soo cute! I ended up taking them home These three gorgeous tins are now full of stitching stash ☺ Go and get yours!!!
| Happy Stitching! |

Mimi the kitten | Update

A warm welcome to my new followers It's always a pleasure to read about your work and all the lovely comments you kindly leave on my blog!
Bienvenu à mes nouveaux amis! J'adore lire vos blogs et vous remercie aussi de me laisser des petits messages toujours bien sympathiques ☺
It's time to post a little update on my cross stitching No much happened sadly as I always seem to run out of free time - Strictly is now back on, so it might get worth!! - This past week, I've worked on Mimi
Une petite mise à jour sur mes travaux Pas de gros progrès cette semaine, je semble toujours être à court de temps libre Cette semaine j'ai travaillé sur Mimi de Helz Cuppleditch

 I've also decided to listen to all your lovely advice and will finish it as a cushion (cover)!! Yes, that means being adventurous with the sewing machine Fingers crossed it will all go smoothly But then, I still have PLENTY of time before I get to this point!! Yesterday, I found the fabric to go with it It's c…

Ikea treat

~ Non-cross-stitch related post ~
Went for a quick trip to Ikea recently and HAD to buy this cute little picture frame So cheap & cheerful ☺ I love the decoupage from Artist Lola Frazer! Lors d'une récente petit visite chez Ikea - heureusement qu'il est là!! - J'ai craqué et je suis revenue à la maison avec ce petit cadre ☺ Tout simple, j'adore le découpage de l'artiste Lola Frazer! | Happy Stitching! | 

My little present(s)!

Today's been a very hectic day at work and as this was not enough, I then had to do the weekly shop... So I was quite looking forward to go home! And what a lovely surprise when I found out I had a parcel from USA waiting for me!! I've been one of the lucky winner of Bette's recent generous giveaway She was celebrating her 5 years blogoversary and her birthday I have to share it, it is all so nice She even spoilt me with little extras I must admit I didn't know about the scissor fob (sorry, did some googling and am now uptodate) So a few needles, a scissor fob (my first one ☺ and I love it) and my beautiful kit The design looks fantastic and I can't wait to get started - Whenever that will be - A HUGE thank you to Bette,  I am thrilled ☺

Aujourd'hui j'ai reçu un super petit colis des USA Bette a récemment offert 2 kits pour célébrer ses 5 anniblog ainsi que son anniversaire! J'étais l'une des gagnantes!! Bette a vraiment été plus que généreuse et a en p…

SAL Sweet Treats | Finished 1

I've finished the first of my Sweet Treats!! I dare share it with you even though I am sooo not happy with the finish Sadly, I did not managed to finish it with the stuffing because I happen to be useless... - You could say I was huffing and puffing and was really getting frustrated - Bear in mind, I'm a very organised methodic person who likes things to be done the right way Why can't I do a beautiful finish like the one showing on the magazine??? WHY?? They look so cute and innocent!! So, after several deep breaths, I decided to use red felt for the back The finishing is pretty awful (especially around his neck) I'm hoping that once in the tree or on the wall, nobody will noticed ☺ Let's hope I do slightly better with the next one | Happy Stitching! | Voila le premier petit bonhomme terminé!! J'ai vraiment honte de le partager avec vous tous Désastre total - j'ai été incapable de le finir comme dans le magasine!!! C'est pas juste, ils sont adorables &…