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Love Heart

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter break & chocolate eggs
Here in Shropshire UK, the sun is shining, the temperatures are slowly creeping up, the snow is finally melting & I'm on holiday!!!
Time to share my latest finish Love Heart from The Historical Sampler Company It has been a fun & quick stitch (even though I got distracted by smaller quick projects) The border took a lot longer to stitch than the letters That pink one was going on & on & on... I will frame it as soon as I find something appropriate
Happy Stitching! Mii x

Joyeuses Pâques à tous!
Ici le soleil brilles, la température monte & la neige fond à vue d'oeil Le printemps aurait-il décidé de faire son apparition??
Voici mon tout dernier projet terminé Love Heart de Historical Sampler Company La bordure m'a semblé interminable!! Il ne me reste plus qu'à trouver un petit cadre.
A tout à l'heure...

An Easter finish

Here it is! After hunting various shops.... I finally found a square frame for Love is in the Air! Plain white, nothing fancy! How hard can it be to find a square picture frame! Apologies for blurry pic - I didn't think it would be that bad -

I've also been busy these past few days stitching along on a free Easter pattern You can find here on Sub Rosa's blog I couldn't resist finishing it off as a little decorative cushion My son will offer it to his teacher (instead of chocolates) before the Easter holiday! I managed to finish it just on time! I hope she will like it ☺ - Again, apologies for blurry pictures, I'm going to blame the camera :P -
Happy Stitching! Mii x

Ca y est, j'ai enfin trouvé un petit cadre carré! Il est tout simple & blanc, parfait pour Love is in the Air
Ces quelques jours j'ai brodé ce petit coussin de Paques pour la maitresse de mon petit garçon - Ca changera un peu des chocolats! - La grille cadeau est disponible sur le blo…

Love is in the Air 2

Here an other little finish from Mii!!! Do you remember this cutie Love is in the Air from Le Chalet des Pérelles? Well, here is mine! Although I used the recommended DMC colours it somehow look totally different!! Mine is stitched on white evenweave using 2 over 3 instead of 1 over 1 I've decided to frame that one I'm just looking for a nice little square frame for it! Happy Stitching! Mii x ---ooOoo--- Voici mon tout dernier projet terminé Love is in the Air du Chalet des Pérelles Petite grille gratuite que vous pouvez trouver sur leur blog Il ne me reste plus qu'à trouver un petit cadre carré... A tout à l'heure...

Spring's Notice

I was browsing the net and found this lovely seasonal cutie It is called Spring's Notice from Blackbird Designs This is a free pattern you can find here It seems this has been around for quite a while, so some of you will already have this chart stashed away but some of you are quite new to blog world (like me!) and I'm sure will love this chart Happy Stitching! Mii x
Je viens de trouver cette petite grille gratuite!
Utilisez le lien ci-dessus pour l'obtenir
Spring's Notice de Blackbird Designs C'est de saison... A tout à l'heure... 

Hoppity Hop...

Hello dear blog friends I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!! So glad I'm indoors, it is currently hailing outside...
So, no this is not a post about Love or even Love is in the Air - Which are still works in progress -
This is a little post about my latest finish - Yes, I kind of got sidetracked and ended up working on this last minute cutie -
I've used two different freebie charts that I found online Stitched on ivory Aida 14 count with DMC threads Very seasonal and finished as yet again a little cushion
I'm now all ready for Easter!! Just waiting for my yummy choccies ☺
Happy Stitching! Mii x 

Voici un petit coussin de saison que je viens tout juste de terminer! J'ai utilisé un mélange de deux grilles que j'ai trouvé sur internet Et voila!! Travaillé sur toile Aida ivoire 14 avec fils DMC et ruban Fizzy Moon Je suis prète pour Paques, il ne me reste plus qu'à attendre l'arrivée des chocolats! Très bonne journée
A tout à l'heure...

Panic over!!!

Thank you to all of you who kindly let us know about the feed reader issue My first reaction was obviously to panic!!! What would happen to my lovely blog??

Thanks to Nia's help & advice,
I now have all my feeds diverted onto Bloglovin
Great news, I'll still be able to read about all your lovely work ☺
That really made my day!
And also because it's Friday & the weekend is approaching :P

Happy Stitching!
Mii x


Love is in the air

Back in February, Jo from Serendipitous Stitching kindly shared with us all some lovely freebie charts Love is in the Air from Le Chalet des Pérelles was my favourite! You can find the chart here

It cought my eyes and I automatically fell in love with it Of course, I decided to start working on it straight away! I'm stitching away as fast as I can and I've nearly finished mine
Although I've decided to stitch it on white evenweave instead of linen
(purely because I didn't have a big enough piece of fabric) I'm also using the recommended DMC colours but am stitching it 2 over 3 instead of 1 over 1 As a result, mine will be bigger ☺
Update pick to come soon...

Happy Stitching!
Mii x

Love is in the Air du Chalet des Pérelles
est une petite grille gratuite que vous pouvez obtenir sur le lien ci-dessus
C'est mon tout dernier petit projet en cours,
qui j'espère sera terminé dans les prochains jours
Petites photos de ma version arriveront très vite!
A tout à l'heure…

TUSAL | March 2013

Tusal time!! This time of the month when blogland is full of lovely ORT jars!! Well here is my little tumbler for this month It is quite full! (I even had to push the threads down this time ☺) So we have lovely colourful threads from: Love, Life's a Stitch, Russian Doll, Tricoti Tricota, First Snow and... an other little project I'll tell you all about in a future post... Happy stitching! Mii x C'est l'heure de partager mes petits brins du mois! Très colorés ce mois-ci... Mes travaux: Love, Life's a Stitch, Poupée Russe,Tricoti Tricota, First Snow et
une autre petite chose dont je vous dirais tout très prochainement!! A tout à l'heure...

Bits & bobs

Today is Mother's Day in UK Just for that, we decided to skip rugby training... and also because it's snowing!!! Would you believe it?  We're in March, Easter is coming & Spring is approaching fast.... and it's snowing! Here the little card my boy made for me at school I love it!

Here is the latest on Love from the Historical Sampler Company I'm so close to finishing it... This pink edge is never ending!

Finally this past week I've worked on First Snow from Haed (my first Haed too!!) to get away from the above pink!! I have been stuck on various shades of grey instead ☺ This blob is the 1st page (out of ...42) and these are the first 3 top rows... I have such a long way to go and at the moment it looks like nothing! I thought it would be nice to remind you of the final picture Can you see the grey blob on the top left hand side??? This is what I'm working on...

Happy Mother's Day to all of you UK mums Happy Stitching! Mii x 
Ici en Angleterre c'…

Tricoti Tricota... Et voila!

Here it is! The finished Tricoti Tricota from Jardin Privé
Stitched on 32 count linen and using the DMC recommanded colours!
I initially wanted to frame it in a simple off white frame but as I was so pleased with this, I decided to finish it as a little cushion
I had the perfect backing blue polka backing fabric (same as the one used for the little Russian Doll, on a previous post) & cute blue trim

I'm now back stitching on Love Working away on the pink frame... The end is near!!
At the weekend, I've finally booked my tickets for the cross-stitch show in Birmingham at the NEC!! Oooh, I'm so looking forward to this little trip on the 23rd... We initially planned on going to the Manchester one but realised it was to long a drive so opted for one a lot closer to home
Happy Stitching! Mii x

Tricoti Tricota de Jardin Privé est terminé! Un petit coussin trop mimi avec du bleu turquoise partout... Tickets pour expo au NEC de Birmingham pour fin mars sont aussi achetés!! Je prévo…