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Pearl Swirl Mermaid | HAED

Hello Peeps!

I am so sorry it has been so long since my last post...
But, I am still enjoying my HAED adventure!

In my last post, I was happily stitching away on Voodoo
and had already planned my new start and rotation.

Well, going back to the last weekend of September,
I went away to our annual cross stitch retreat
(or weekend away, whatever you like to call it)
with my stitching buddy Justine, at our usual cottage The Dairy.

We had a lovely relaxing time doing nothing but stitch
(in between eating & drinking, that is!)
and I was eager to start on my new planned project

Pearl Swirl Mermaid
By Jasmine Becket-Griffith

This is what it will eventually look like when finished, one day

350 x 470 stitches
90 colours
Stitched on 25 count magic evenweave
1 over 1 using the DMC recommended threads
Swapped Kreinic for DMC light effect

I soon realised my 2 weeks rotation was not going to work for me.
So, I'd decided to keep going on one project until I had a page finish.

And this is…

Voodoo in violet | HAED #1

Hello Peeps! As you know, I have been spending this past week stitching away on Voodoo
- To be honest, it was more of making a start and tackling the first of many pages! -
and I have been having a great time slowly (very slowly) seeing it starting to appear on my fabric.

Started on the 14/09/2017 Using DMC magic guide fabric 25 count, white evenweave Stitching 1 over 1, full crosses with DMC
Design size is 400 stitches wide by 557 stitches high
88 colours
Finished design should be measuring
16 inches wide by 22-1/4 inches high
Started on the first page at the top left corner

Trying to zoom a little...

I know it doesn't look like anything at the moment,
but I can honestly say that I am hooked on HAED!!

I am proud of how much I've achieved in a week. There is plenty more to do, I am fully aware of it,
but I am simply having great fun and enjoying stitching one cross at a time!
I will be back soon with what is most likely to be another HAED start ;)

Toodles, Mii

Voodoo in violet | HAED

Hello Peeps! My stitching bug has made an appearance and finally came out of Summer hibernation with an extra zest of pro-activity Great news! I have now started a new project... an HAED! Voodoo in violet from Jasmine Becket-Griffith's artwork (Big thank you to Keebles for letting me discover the world of Strangeling) 

400 stitches wide by 557 stitches high
88 colours

Finished design should measure
16 inches wide by 22-1/4 inches high
 Worked on white 25 count magic guide evenweave fabric using DMC threads 1 over 1, full crosses. Started on 14/09/2017 Update / progress to follow after my first week of fun. Toodles, Mii

Needle Minder Exchange

Hello Peeps!

Time to show you the lovely makes that have been made & received
for the Needle Minder Exchange I have organised to keep us busy this summer

I believe it was a great success and that all participants had fun!
Here is the list of all the lovely ladies that took part:
Kaye and Lorynn


So this is what I've sent to Carrie

Summer Crazy | Fun in the Sun by Lizzie Kate
Stitched on 18 ct Rustico Aida fabric from Sewitall, 2 over 1
Using DMC threads 
Finished off as an ornament Simply fixed on a plate I got from my local Hobby Craft Thanks Andrea for the idea ;)
 Sadly, I forgot to take picture of the needle minder and the skeins of DMC
Here is picture from the website, this is a Zappy Dots  OoOoO And these are the cute goodies I have received from Karyn! - Minus the blue DMC skein, as it is now being used for a new project, but this is for another post! - Thank you sweetie! I love my needle minder and your little make wil…

A kiss for snowman | Dimensions

Hello Peeps, While recuperating from my eyes surgery, back in June, I spent my time off stitching to my heart's content. The weather was warm at the time and I ended up starting a cheeky new project that would make me feel a bit cooler A kiss for snowman from Dimensions Designed by Hazel Lincoln

This beautiful design comes as a kit, which contains 18 count white Aida fabric, pre-sorted stranded cotton threads & needle. Of course, I cannot work on 18 count fabric, this is way too small for me to cope. So I have swapped it for a bigger 16 count, from Sewitall. I have also been extra careful not to waste any of the threads. Fingers crossed I will have enough to finish it, otherwise I will have to explain my dilemma to Dimensions and hope they can help me. I have used their kits in the past and always ended up with plenty spare threads, so we shall see. This is where I have left it, after a week of work.

I do have quite a few on going WIPs at the moment, but I will try my best to…

Needle minder Exchange anyone?

Hello Peeps! As the Summer holidays are fast approaching, I've thought it would be a great idea to keep us stitchingly entertained with a little project, until we all go back to our routines in September. oOoOo I am happy to organise the Needle minder Exchange! Join the fun and send to your partner * A small cross stitched finished piece (no specific theme, but keep it small) * A needle minder and * A skein of DMC thread Your small package has to be received by your partner before the 15th Sep 2017, so we can all reveal our makes and goodies on that date on our respective blogs. The rules: By joining you agree to post worldwide. Only active blog owners authorised to join. Stay committed & send your items allowing plenty of time for the recipient to get your gifts before the reveal date. oOoOo Fancy joining the fun? Leave a comment to confirm. Last entry date: 31st July 2017. I will then get in touch with all participants for their snail mail details and to confirm their partn…

Under the sea SAL - Durene Jones (Part 6)

Hello Peeps! This little blog has been far too quiet these past few weeks. Unfortunately Life has been keeping me on my toes recently and because of this my stitching priorities have changed. Indeed, detached retinas & surgery, are certainly no joke and I have now decided to work and focus on the projects I like the most and really want to see finished. oOo Fear not, the beautiful and fun Under the sea SAL
designed by Durene Jones available at Lakeside Needlecraft
is one of the few projects I will be keeping up with! Here is the June part finally finished. I must admit that I have not enjoyed all the metallic. No amount of Thread Heaven made my life any easier...
And here is the whole picture! Although I have since started part 7. Still stitched on 16 count Aida fabric from Sewitall - Ocean colour Worked 2 over 1, using DMC threads That's it for today! Toodle, Mii 

Under the sea SAL - Durene Jones (Part 5)

Hello Peeps! The May instalment of the Under the sea SAL is finally done! This time we had fun stitching a couple of seahorses...
Under the sea SAL Durene Jones available at Lakeside Needlecraft Stitched on 16 count Aida fabric from Sew It All - Ocean colour Worked 2 over 1, using DMC threads Toodle, Mii 

Rose Sampler Giveaway | Little House Needleworks

Hello, Ooops, I'm a day late announcing the winner of my giveaway. Original chart of Rose Sampler From Little House Needleworks Congratulations to Kerry Please kindly email me your address and the chart will be on its way to you straight after. Thank you to all of you who have entered this giveaway. I will be offering more charts soon... Toodles, Mii

Rose Sampler - Little House Needleworks

Hello Peeps! It has been a little while since my last post but I have a small finish to show you. Rose Sampler From Little House Needleworks
Stitched on 28 count Zweigart Brittney cream fabric 2 over 2 using the recommended DMC threads oOoOo This pretty chart was a gift that I have thoroughly enjoyed stitching. Now happy to pass it on to one of my Followers. Please leave a comment on this post if you are interested. If there is more than one person, I will randomly pick a winner. Original chart and packaging Happy to post worldwide. Winner will be announced on the 4th June. Toodles, Mii

Fairy May - Lili of the Valley

Good afternoon Peeps, The May fairy is now all stitched up. This month's design was another of my few favourites in this series. Fairy May From Lili of the valley Stitched on 16 count Aida fabric from Sew It All Clover colour (which is sadly not showing very well on my photos) Using DMC threads, 2 over 1

 No finishing done on it. Simply not in the mood yet again... Still, I have thoroughly enjoyed stitching this cutie pie!

La Scapigliata by Da Vinci - Yiota's XStitch | Update

Hello Peeps! I'm afraid you will have to wait a little longer to see a progress on my tiger as I have found, yet again, another biggish WIP in my stash in need of some TLC! This is La Scapigliata by Da Vinci from Yiota's XStitch Stitched on 28 count Zweigart Brittney cream evenweave fabric 2 over 2 full crosses using DMC recommended threads. 132 x 176 stitches 4 A4 pages chart Started in Nov 2013... My first update was back in Dec 2013
This is how it looks now after working on it a bit during the past week. 
I love Sepia's designs and I forgot how much I enjoy working on this one. I will put her away for now, but she will definitely making a come back soon, as she will be added into my weekend's rotation of bigger projects. Better focus a bit on my monthly smalls for now. Toodles, Mii  

Moon Hare - HAED | Update

Hello Peeps! During the weekend, I've had another look through my various WIP / UFO. Despite them all being neatly stored away, their number is starting to grow too much to my liking and is also making me feel bad. There are a few small ones that I am the least concerned about, as I know they will eventually get done. However, there is a handful of larger projects that I feel seriously overwhelmed with. You will remember the ones I've recently blogged about: Ladybug & daisy and Etude au géranium. Well, there is also... Moon Hare Designed by Suzanne Gyseman A HAED design that I've found in TWOCS magazines Stitched on 14 count DMC Magic Aida fabric. 2 over 1, full crosses, using DMC charted threads. This was my first update on it, back in Aug 2015
Then how I left it back in Sep 2015

 And this is how it is now, after I've worked on it a bit during the weekend Another one that is far away from being done, but working on it has certainly made me feel better! So this is…

Under the sea SAL - Durene Jones (Part 4)

Happy Friday peeps! The April part of the Under the Sea SAL is now finished, with 2 days to spare.

This time we had fun stitching a tiny submarine

Stitched on Sew it all 16 count Aida fabric, ocean colour Using the recommended DMC threads. Under the sea SAL designed by Durene Jones Available at Lakeside Needlecraft Wishing you all a lovely weekend and a fantastic May Bank Holiday to all my UK readers! Toodles, Mii

Etude au géranium - Véronique Enginger

Hello Peeps!

As mentioned in my latest post, time to show you the second WIP
that has taken a bit of my free stitching time recently.

This is Etude au géranium,
designed by botanical artist Véronique Enginger

Available at Les Brodeuses Parisiennes
This is how it will look like when finished    The semi-kit came with the following: Coloured chart DMC references (no threads) Dragonfly charm and Fabric of your choice (18 count Aida) I believe I ordered it back in Feb this year and this is how it looks now after several hours of work    The details are amazing! There is a mix of full & half stitch using 1 or 2 threads and backstitch too. It will take time for me to finish it However, I love the series so much that I have decided to keep on working on it for the time being. I will try to post regular updates for those of you that are interested in seeing progress. How can I possibly resist and not buy the peony, orchid & hydrangea sets??! Toodles, Mii

Ladybug & Daisy - Ajisai Designs

Hello lovely Peeps,

In between my small monthly projects & SAL,
I do try to work on various different designs.

I thought it was about time I show you some of my WIPs.
I have been especially focusing on 2 main projects.

The first one being this cutie!

Ladybug & Daisy
by Ajisai Designs

I initially started this beautiful blackwork and cross stitch design on the 4 Jan 2016
for my first and only participation to the Crazy January Challenge.

This had sadly been left untouched ever since.

Model is stitched on 16 count Aida fabric from Sew It All, off white colour
Blackwork: 1 over 1 using black DMC thread Cross stitch: 2 over 1 using DMC threads I know blackwork is to be worked on Evenweave fabric but had none handy at the time... This is how it looked back in Jan 2016 

I am pleased to say that things have changed a bit! I have been slowly adding a few crosses there & there and this is how it looks now.

Granted, there is still a lot left to do but I have made progress, which in…

Fairy April - Lili of the valley

Hello Peeps,

A big thank you to all of you who
have left lovely comments on my previous posts.

My April fairy is all stitched & made up!
Fairy April From Lili of the valley

Stitched on 16 count Aida fabric from Sew It All Cloud Spring Sky colour Using DMC threads, 2 over 1

I have even managed to find some spare time
for a touch of finishing up...

Flat fold finish

Using yellow polka fabric and sparkly red trim from my stash


March Freebie - Tralala

Happy Easter Peeps!

No chocolates from me here but
I do have cute bunnies in their little egg cups

Design was available from Tralala
as a freebie pattern with any order placed

Stitched on 14 count Aida fabric from a Sew It All grab bag,
so I unfortunately have no idea of the exact colour.
Using recommended DMC threads, 2 over 1

It appears my little finishing bug has finally returned from its break...

So the little bunnies have been looked after and finished off as a mounted flat ornament
using red polka fabric & white trim from my stash.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!